Hello! I’m Andrea. 

I am in love with strategic direction within the marketing space. I am truly devoted to the ideology that comes with out-of-the-box thinking. I realistically dream big... setting my goals to hit home runs with key messaging, visually appealing campaigns, merchandising programs that make sense to accomplish financial goals, while meeting new brands and interesting people along the way.

I have over 25 years of experience in building businesses. From foodservice to healthcare, photography to construction management, I am energized to help make your business successful!

How We Help Our Clients

DAY2DAY Marketing is a small, experienced, and passionate marketing consulting agency with focus on clients that are already established in their marketplace but are looking for help making their business a brand! We provide clients with down-to-earth, personal touch marketing services that help grow their business, increase brand presence, add infrastructure and functionality, while providing internal organization and external cohesiveness to their brand. We strive to compliment our clients to represent a true partnership, focusing on DAY2DAY activities, digital marketing, industry trends, out-of-the-box thinking, creative, strategic direction, annual planning, and brand refreshing.

Grow Your Business

Scale your business for growth
Develop tailored business plans
Initiate positive change

Optimize Your Resources

Prioritize spend
Maximize return on investment
Reduce cost acquiring customers
Make less go farther

Access to Experience

Synergies with other businesses
Uncover unique opportunities 
Reduce the risk of the wrong step
Greater access to resources

Work Life Balance

Improve your work-life balance
Control how much control
Allocate time to provide impact
Focus on what you are good at 
Focus ONLY on what you can fix 

Problem-Solving Solutions

Linear process solving skills
Improve strategy performance
Overcome business marketing challenges
Objectively troubleshoot issues

Be Prepared For What's Next

Stay relevant 
Funnel marketing
Social media 
Search engine ads


We couldn't do it without the amazing client relationships that we have established and continue to grow. Thank you for putting your trust into our services and ideas to make your business a power brand! 

- Andrea Day | Owner | D2D Marketing

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"Working with D2D Marketing has helped me to maintain a consistent message so I can focus more on my photography and customer service."
Jill Barnes
Jilly Bean Photography
"I needed help getting my advertising off the ground. D2D Marketing helped me produce a  brand presentation that was powerful both internally and externally." 
Ryan Long
President + COO 
"Andrea continues to help us position Roofing OnTop & Energy for success with her industry knowledge and expertise."

David Garcia
Roofing OnTop & Energy